Make a difference

We must make a difference in the environment we operate in – for, without it, we would not survive. Our business and every other business exists in a certain context each with its own set of social and environmental issues. From our surroundings, we draw resources, labour, and a market. Issues in this environment may […]

Lifetime Learning

Lifetime Learning

How do companies successfully create a differential in an economy oversaturated with innovations, advancements and consumer products? Well, they create a differential within their companies for their knowledge workers through lifetime learning. Operating in an era of accelerated change and knowledge work requires an attitude of lifetime learning. Learning occurs consciously or unconsciously, purposefully and […]

Taking a look at trends: Making sense of Big Data, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

Any contemporary business person today is likely bored and tired of hearing about Big Data, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.  These are buzzwords being bandied about nearly every publication – and no, not just IT publications.  Look at a current running magazine and you’ll see a comparison of best GPS tracking devices, heart rate […]