Co-sourcing Application Development

Co-sourcing Application Development

Do you fall behind your competitors in bringing your products to market because you don’t have enough experienced developers? Co-sourcing application development could be exactly the service you need.

One of our 5 Core Values is Lifetime Learning. This means that we constantly look to new and better ways of shortening the application development cycle both by exploiting the latest technologies and adopting the best of breed processes. This implies that our developers are current with most leading-edge technologies in front-end and server-side domains.

Our co-sourcing application development service allows you to increase your development complement, when the demand is high, without having the unenviable task of releasing these developers when the demand drops.

For the past 20 years we have been providing this service as a core part of our business and over this period, we have seen an increased demand. Is this because our developers are always rated as “exceeds expectations” by our clients? We’d like to think so.


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