A Brief Introduction to DynamoDB Single-Table Design. Relational Database Management Systems (RDMS) have been the most prevalent method for storing data since its inception. Relational databases are powerful tools for managing data and are still the most widely used, and some of the most efficient data management systems in existence.   These database systems were […]

This article looks into the causes & possible outcomes of the splintering, or balkanization of the internet into “Many Geopolitical Intranets”.

Did you know that criminals can access your banking apps, impersonating you, simply by using your phone’s biometrics, e.g. Face or fingerprint?


Are you looking to reduce your IT spend? Do you need to deploy software without waiting hours or days for servers and infrastructure to be set up? Do you want to develop & deploy software, but don’t want to manage servers? If so, serverless may be the solution.

Keeping your grit together

Grit is fundamental to success in the arena of software development. Without perseverance, specifically, it is impossible to succeed. Skills like language knowledge, debugging, reading a stack-trace, Googling, and attention to detail are all vital in solving problems, but without perseverance, they count for naught. Passion for one’s vocation underpins this by providing the motivation to succeed when the going gets tough, while the long-term goal may be to continuously deliver high-quality software.

^ Reasons not to write unit tests

So you write code, but you don’t want to write tests? This, then, is the list for you; six reasons to proffer to your colleagues, customers, and interviewers as to why you have this view. Be warned, though: the result may be a change in relationship with all three, and none for the better.

The Einstellung Effect

One should always strive to step out of the problem and weigh the benefits of a tried and tested solution over a novel one.  New is not always better.

Symbiotics and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

At Symbiotics, we do not believe that 4IR is an event, an outcome or a point in time. Nor, for the record, do we believe that it should be yet another trigger for elevated blood pressure. 

silver lining in the cloud

Roads Taken