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Symbiotics Mobile App DevelopmentThe need to communicate with client and employee has never been more in demand than it is today. The anytime, anyplace world, outlined by Stan Davis in his book 2020 Vision, is a reality today; smart phones and tablets are common place, and your competitors are capitalizing on mobile app development to create applications for both increasing and enabling their client base in addition to reducing the cost of servicing them.

Don’t get left behind, enhance productivity through smart mobile app development

Are you looking for a mobile app to run natively on Android or iOS, or do you need a hybrid web app?

We are able to provide any of the three main kinds of apps available:

Native Mobile App Development

A native app resides on the device. Typically, you would download the app from the relevant store (Apple App Store, Google Play etc.) and you would access the app from an icon on the home screen of the device. A native app is developed for a particular platform (like iOS) so that it will function in a way that you will have come to expect from the device you are using, for example gestures, notifications etc.

Mobile Web Applications

While it can be difficult to tell them apart, Mobile Web apps are actually websites that may appear similar to a native app. However, instead of using the platform of the device, they are run by a browser. Most mobile web apps are developed using HTML5.

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid apps, as the name suggests, are a combination of the two above and are developed with a number of web technologies. They are downloaded from an app store and uses the functionality of the device platform. Hybrid apps render html in a browser that is embedded within the app.

A hybrid app is useful because:

  • Cross-platform development is simpler, faster and cheaper.
  • You can get listed in the relevant app stores without having to invest in building a brand new app.

Regardless of the type of mobile application you require, we can build it to be downloaded from any marketplace to enhance your user’s experience.

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