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When entering into an employment agreement, we are expecting to have a long-term team member added. Associated with this objective, we also understand the value of a breadth of experiences and that a job for life does not typically enable such diversity of views and experience. We acknowledge that where decisions are made by team members to leave and explore other career opportunities, these are consciously structured decisions that we believe will ultimately culminate in that person returning and introducing different perspectives and fresh thinking to enhance the team.

With this long-term thinking, as the primary driver, we require that all candidates have a fit with our core values of

  • Lifetime Learning
  • Flexibility with Responsibility
  • Above & Beyond
  • Integrity, Respect & Caring
  • Make a Difference
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The Interview Process
Positions available

The interview process

From the solid platform of a fit with the core values, all candidates are assessed against a criteria priority order of;

  1. Attitude
  2. Aptitude
  3. Skills

With the only negotiable being specific skills.

At the core of our business we are a development team, centered on Java technologies being applied to innovative solutions using web and mobile platforms. However, we do believe that with a dominantly positive, engaging and contribution based attitude, underpinned by a core aptitude for software development disciplines, specific skills can be developed. That being said, we do expect each individual to develop and as a team to continuously foster the growth of exceptional skills.

Symbiotics team members are expected to operate within an environment that offers significant flexibilities. Work hours are not mandated and micro tasking is seldom evident. It is OK to wake up on a day and acknowledge to yourself that a ‘duvet day’ is needed, however this comes with a responsibility to clear this with your team, plan accordingly and ensure it is taken in context of meeting project and customer commitments.

Work is not all consuming, personal preferences and family life need to be given their rightful place. One sure way to commit a career terminating move is to miss that highly important , because you thought that a work commitment would not allow you to attend and didn’t ask the team to stand-in for you.

Rules and guidelines are not set and instituted to constrain all; they are only there to protect both the individuals and Symbiotics from a transgressor. We do not expect transgression; hence don’t need to unnecessarily constrain the majority, we address the exceptional transgressions if and when they occur.

Do you demonstrate the level of maturity to responsibly operate in a team enjoying such flexibilities without needing to be policed?

Then Symbiotics may be the team for you. If you’re interested in applying, these are the steps you will be required to follow:

Step 1 – Submit portfolio

Submit your portfolio online for a currently available position. We have some structured information that is required; any additional information provided is open to your personal preference and style.

Step 2 – Telephone Interview

Should the portfolio be a potential match for a currently available position, the first interaction is conducted as a telephone interview lasting approximately 10 min.

Step 3 – Online assessment

Successful candidates are requested to complete an online behavior / habits assessment. You will receive a copy of the results from this assessment performed by a third party on our behalf. Fit within Symbiotics and the specific team the position is for are assessed. The assessment questionnaire is completed within your own time, under your own arrangements for Internet access and requires 40 – 80 minutes.

Step 4 – 1st Formal interview

Successful candidates are then invited to a first formal interview with a panel of 1 – 3 team members. This interview aims to verify alignment with core values and team fit as the primary objective. The exploring of skills and technical competencies, as they are relevant and introduced either as direct questions from the panel or are referenced by yourself while answering experience or situational questions is secondary. This interview is normally 1 – 1.5 hours in duration.

Step 5 – Technical assessment Successful candidates are invited to attend a technical assessment interview. Depending on the nature of the specific position being interviewed for, this session may include some or all of ;

    • structured verbal question and answer
    • written competency tests
    • problem solving exercises
    • demonstrations of prior work (non-confidential aspects only)
    • mini-projects

Step 6 – Reference checks

Depending on the specific position being interviewed for, authorization for reference and background verification may be requested and performed.

Step 7 – You join the team

A successful candidate is presented an offer to join the team.

Positions Currently Available: