A beginner’s guide to the cloud

We thought you’d like our beginner’s guide to the cloud as everyone seems to have their head in the cloud these days. Not in a ‘I’d-rather-be-on-a-beach-in-Mauritius’ kind of cloud (although, wouldn’t that be fantastic!) But rather in a ‘We-need-digital-transformation-and-we-need-it-now’ kind of cloud.  Migrating to the cloud is the phrase describing revolutionary and innovative organisations. It’s […]

Mobile Application Development

The worst advice we’ve ever heard about mobile application development

So we’ve noticed there seem to be a whole bunch of ‘experts’ out there who like to dish out advice about mobile application development. Be careful who you listen to, we’ve heard some terrible advice, some of which we’re sharing in this blog: Don’t worry, mobile application development is cheap Developing a mobile application needs […]