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Unlock the full potential of cloud technology with Symbiotics – your trusted partner for AWS cloud hosting and seamless migration services. We specialize in delivering tailored, secure, and efficient solutions that empower your business to thrive in the digital age.

By harnessing the power of AWS (Amazon Web Services), we enable you to streamline your operations, significantly reduce infrastructure costs, and accelerate the time-to-market for your solutions. Hosting your applications in the cloud gives you secure access to your applications anywhere, anytime, and frees you up to focus on your core business.

Partner with Symbiotics to unlock unparalleled efficiency and competitiveness in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Host applications and websites on AWS
What is cloud computing

What is Cloud computing?

Cloud computing delivers a range of computing services, including servers, storage, databases, and software, over the internet. You can rent access to these services instead of purchasing and managing your own infrastructure, avoiding upfront costs. With cloud computings’ pay-per-use model, you pay for the resources you use when you use them. This model is increasingly popular, with many app developers offering applications as internet services rather than standalone products that need to be installed.

Cloud computing allows you to concentrate on serving your customers, freeing you from the burdens of server setup and maintenance. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly expand your application’s reach, deploying it globally within minutes across various regions worldwide.

AWS Partner

In addition to our core software development services, we also offer hosting and cloud migration, an increasingly sought-after service as business leaders recognize its advantages. Symbiotics proudly holds the status of being an AWS Consulting Partner, featuring a team of AWS-accredited professionals, ensuring the delivery of robust and reliable solutions to our valued clients.

Our commitment to constant innovation earned us the distinction of being among the first appointed Amazon Web Service consulting partners  in Africa in 2016.

Through this partnership, we have gained vast experience in hosting software on behalf of our clients. We have also strategically moved our own business into the cloud and have faced and overcome the challenges that this change can bring about.

AWS Select Partner

Our services

AWS Cloud hosting services

Website and app hosting

Whether you operate a single WordPress site or a complex set of applications, we can help you host it in the cloud. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing an IT department and handling hardware procurement and management.

We design cloud solutions in alignment with the AWS Well-Architected Framework—this proven approach ensures the design of secure, reliable, scalable, and high-performing infrastructure.

AWS migration

Effortlessly migrate your current applications and workloads to the cloud without disrupting your operations.

Whether it’s the Microsoft suite, in-house applications, databases or servers, we ensure a seamless migration. We facilitate both complete migrations and hybrid solutions, accommodating scenarios where some on-premise solutions are still required. Speak to us to design the optimal solution for your needs

Experience reduced infrastructure costs, enhanced uptime, and virtually limitless scalability.

Cloud storage and backup services

Storage and backup solutions

With a variety of storage solutions available on AWS, we can design the perfect storage and backup solution for your business.

Whether it’s primary, backup or archive storage, we can design the most cost-effective solution according to your data access requirements using AWS services such as Glacier, S3, SQL or No-SQL databases

Architecture design and reviews

Designing the right cloud infrastructure is essential for cost saving, app performance and app security. Conducting architecture reviews and assessments is vital to guarantee the excellence, performance, and sustainability of software systems.

Our review system plays an important role in pinpointing and rectifying potential risks, gaps, and issues in architecture design, implementation, and evolution. Our methodology involves evaluating your unique review objectives and subsequently planning, preparing, and executing the review process.

Serverless cloud solutions

Serverless solutions

Serverless computing is a service offered by AWS that removes the need for provisioning servers, setting up operating systems and services that are normally required to run applications in the cloud. Instead, application runtime environments are automatically managed and hosted by the cloud provider.

The benefits of serverless include costs savings, a faster time to market and the ability to up and downscale automatically. Serverless is perfect for testing new solutions, and for applications with inconsistent workloads where IT departments would traditionally provision computing services to cater for the maximum demand.

Leverage our extensive experience developing serverless applications, and speak to us to design your serverless system. If you’re new to serverless, read our introductory article here

Why Choose AWS Cloud Hosting?

Hosting your systems and applications in the AWS cloud offers a multitude of benefits:


AWS provides on-demand resources that can easily adapt to your changing business needs. Scale up or down as required, ensuring you pay only for what you use.

Cost Efficiency

With AWS, you can significantly reduce infrastructure costs by benefiting from the economies of scale. Eliminate the need for costly on-premises hardware, maintenance, and physical space, making cloud hosting a cost-effective solution.


AWS boasts a highly reliable infrastructure with redundancy and failover mechanisms. This ensures your applications and data are accessible even in the face of hardware failures.


AWS offers robust security features and compliance certifications, providing a secure environment for your systems and data. Rest easy knowing your information is protected.

Global Reach

With data centers strategically located around the world, AWS enables you to expand your reach and serve customers globally, improving user experience and reducing latency.

Rapid Deployment

Deploying systems and applications on AWS is swift and efficient. AWS’s user-friendly interfaces and management tools simplify the process, allowing you to go live in no time.


Benefit from the continuous innovation and extensive suite of AWS services, including machine learning, analytics, and IoT, to keep your business at the forefront of technology.

A Higher Standard of Cloud Solutions

When you choose Symbiotics Application Services, you’re choosing a partner with a deep understanding of AWS and the capabilities to leverage its full potential for your benefit. Our AWS-certified team is here to help you realize the advantages of cloud technology – significantly reduce infrastructure costs, and accelerate your time-to-market.

Unlock the power of AWS with a partner you can trust. Contact us to discuss how we can elevate your business through AWS cloud solutions.

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