Hosting and Cloud Enablement

The best secure cloud hosting platform managed for you


Spending too much time and too much money on your IT infrastructure? Are vendor lead times an inhibitor to piloting your new business ideas? Are you over invested to cater for peak demand resulting in idle excess capacity?

Cloud is one of the key areas of hype in the ICT industry, and we believe for good reason.

Symbiotics is not a cloud hosting company, we are an application development company that leverages cloud technology in delivering solutions.

Not only do we propose and manage cloud technology to our customers for their production environment but, Symbiotics has also fully embraced the opportunities and run all aspects of our business from internal support systems through to the systems supporting our software engineering practice on cloud technology. The only aspects of our technology and support infrastructure physically provisioned within Symbiotics is in providing local WiFi and internet connectivity to the cloud infrastructure.

We have been leveraging multiple generations of cloud offerings over the past 5 years and have transitioned with the maturing offerings in the cloud domain. This being from shared hosting, through virtualized servers, to virtual data centre and are now actively leveraging on-demand data centre provisioning. To this end, Symbiotics has standardized on Amazon Web Services and are proud to be an AWS Accredited Partner.

As an AWS Accredited Partner that directly utilizes and has fully committed to AWS, we are able to provide our customers with an efficient systems development & testing environment that can extend into your world and where appropriate, leverage AWS resources for production deployment and management of delivered solutions.

Don’t try and reinvent the wheel; we have already done that so why not capitalize on our experience?

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