Java Tools and Technologies

The results of a survey about the Java Tools and Technologies landscape, conducted by Rebellabs (Zeroturnaround) earlier this year, have recently been published. As an early adopter of Java, we have watched the technology and peripheral technologies adapt over the years.  We’ve been focused on making sound decisions to improve our delivery to customers. A […]

Continuous Integration using Jenkins, Maven and EC2 Slaves

This is the second post in a series on how to set up infrastructure with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Introduction This post sets up a continuous integration server with the EC2 instance from the previous post in this series. We will set up Jenkins to continuously build Java code with Maven, as well as the Amazon EC2 Plugin on Jenkins to […]

Free company intranet (ERP Next)

Your business on steroids in 10 minutes Most companies need structure in their organisation, teams, and roles. Larger companies have invested in developing custom Intranets to enhance their business and workflow but this comes with a heavy price tag. Today we are going to install ERPnext on Amazon Web Services and do a basic installation that will connect most of […]