Moving Forward with Spring & AngularJS

Original Implementation of Stock Monitor Author: Tony Wang Introduction “Do you know Spring? What about Angular?” are questions that often get asked during discussions and interviews. After some research, I have decided to migrate my own application (Stock Monitor) to use the “new” frameworks and share my experiences and opinions regarding the migration process and […]

Artificial Intelligence achieved through Java part 2

Environment  setup and project structure Java artificial intelligence tutorial Creating an AI sports chatbot with java In part one of this series Artificial intelligence achieved through Java we took a look at what artificial intelligence is in software terms and at some examples of artificial intelligence systems in the market today. We also introduced the java AI chatbot […]

Automated Wildfly Deployments with Maven and Jenkins: Part 1

Configure automated deployments to Wildfly from your Jenkins build server Introduction This two-part series of blog posts focuses on automated deployments to a Wildfly 8.2.0 application server from Jenkins using the wildfly-maven-plugin. Jenkins can be configured to do automated deployments to an application server using Maven, specifically using the wildfly-maven-plugin. This post will focus on […]

Continuous Integration using Jenkins, Maven and EC2 Slaves

This is the second post in a series on how to set up infrastructure with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Introduction This post sets up a continuous integration server with the EC2 instance from the previous post in this series. We will set up Jenkins to continuously build Java code with Maven, as well as the Amazon EC2 Plugin on Jenkins to […]