Thinking of Moving Your Business to the AWS Cloud?

Let Symbiotics guide your transition to AWS

This blog entry is our announcement to the community that Symbiotics is qualified to be your business partner for your transition to the AWS cloud. Our developers and certified AWS Solution Architects will help you create applications that harness the cloud’s potential.

We can help if you are in any of the following situations:

  • battling with service availability;APN Standard Consulting Partner
  • need agility to pilot a project;
  • need durable services;
  • spending too much time on your non-core business;
  • falling behind by sticking with old technologies you have invested in and cannot afford to upgrade;
  • need a global network;AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • battling with your existing cloud hosting provider;
  • your IT budget is under pressure;
  • your IT CapEx is under pressure;
  • you are paying for infrastructure you do not use; or
  • you are struggling with predicting the load you need.

Let Symbiotics help your company identify business cases and leverage cloud computing resources and implement critical IT services well within your budget. Host your website using Amazon S3 and achieve a global Internet presence in minutes with chosen edge locations and CloudFront. With auto scaling and Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) you can create highly-scalable solutions that automatically scale up or down according to demand. Create better solutions faster by focusing less on infrastructure and more on innovation. If IT is not your core line of work, let Symbiotics manage this for you while you get to concentrate on running your business.

We have developed practical knowledge of numerous AWS products:

  • Compute services (EC2, ELB and Lambda)
  • Storage and content delivery services (S3, CloudFront, Glacier)
  • Database services (RDS), networking services (VPC, Route 53)
  • Developer tools (CodeDeploy)
  • Management tools (CloudWatch, CloudTrail, CloudFormation, Trusted Advisor)
  • Security and identity services (IAM, Directory Service, Certificate Manager)
  • Enterprise Applications (WorkDocs)

We are constantly experimenting with new and existing AWS tools so this is by no means a final list of our AWS skill set.

In case anyone is wondering, here is the story of Symbiotics’ infrastructure: We started off with our own servers on site and also hired someone to look after this infrastructure. A few years later we started experimenting with the cloud and moved our servers offshore to a facility in Atlanta. Then we thought we would go the “proudly South African” route and moved our servers back to a cloud solution hosted in South Africa. Finally, in early 2015 we migrated all of our servers to the AWS cloud. As you can see we have been through a long journey and have gladly decided to use AWS for hosting our infrastructure. We have first hand experience, which means you can short circuit your journey by just going directly to AWS.

AWS works for our (relatively small) business, but it also works larger businesses. Did you know that Netflix runs on AWS cloud infrastructure? As a trusted partner, Symbiotics can help you transition to a cloud solution that meets the objectives of your company – big or small.