Symbiotics e-commerce solutions will change the way you think about online sales.

Our e-commerce solutions offer more than 320 built-in standard features and thousands of available modules to help improve your business, increase sales and simplify your life.

e-Commerce solutions –  User Interface

The user interface provides real-time information for everything on your e-commerce site, such as:

  • The keywords that are most searched
  • items added to basket before abandonment
  • profitability of each product

You will always have a birds-eye-view of all the major areas in your business as well as the ability to change business rules to suit your campaigns and outsmart your competition.

Take charge of your business by adding a smooth user experience to your already impressive repertoire.

E-commerce solutions user interface

E-commerce solutions user interface

e-Commerce solutions – Product Catalogue

With the Symbiotics e-Commerce solution you can:

  • set up each product, in your product catalogue, according to your needs. You have full control over each of the attributes, images, stock, features, prices, and shipping.
  • Create stand-alone products, group products, or build a dynamic product with defined features and attributes.
  • Create cart rules to add discounts or special offers to selected users with a generated discount code. You will have the power and tools to run successful marketing campaigns without all the administration hassles. The number of different business rules is only limited by your imagination.

Your website is synchronised with an integrated advanced stock management system that will keep your retail and on-line stock synchronised so you never sell items you don’t have.


e-Commerce Catalogue

e-Commerce solutions – Orders

After each order is placed, you will get a notification with confirmation of the order and payment status. In just a few clicks, you can:

  • refund
  • print invoices
  • change order statuses

All email notifications resulting from the above are branded with your Corporate Identity and automatically generated and sent to your customer.

Your customer will enjoy a professional ordering process with a great user accounts area, where they can track each order and manage all their information easily. This translates into a higher customer retention rate.

e-Commerce Orders

e-Commerce Orders

e-Commerce solutions – Customers

Managing your customers have never been this easy, with an integrated customer service system that will allow you to have a full history of your customer and a ticketing system to ensure you will never miss an e-mail from the customer.

Customers can manage their own account on-line, earn loyalty points and use their points to pay on-line for items.

Creating different user groups with different prices will allow you to run campaigns across targeted audiences.


e-Commerce Customers

e-Commerce solutions – Localization

IP GEO location detection makes global customers a breeze by enabling dynamic changes to the website language, currency, couriers, despatch prices, etc.

If you are going global, please talk to us so we can guide you through the steps in greatly improving every aspect of your business on a global scale.

e-Commerce solutions – Online Marketing

Your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and marketing go hand in hand with the amount of traffic your site receives and directly converts to sales.

You can have all your products automatically published to your Facebook page, eBay or BidorBuy as and when you add a product to your website.

We will assist in setting up an integrated bulk e-mail solution to target all your existing contacts and build natural sale funnels to constantly keep customers interested in your products and services.


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